Best Hardwood Flooring Based on Your Enneagram

How to choose your hardwood flooring based on your personality

We all love getting to know ourselves just that little bit better, which is why horoscopes and personality quizzes are so “en vogue.” The Enneagram personality test is no exception. The test splits takers into 9 personality types, a powerful tool used to understand ourselves and others. The Enneagram test has increased in popularity over the years as it can help you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, or help you improve your relationships, performance at work, and achieve personal goals…a little introspection never hurts! Design and build industry professionals work creatively every day, making decisions from endless possibilities. So, we decided to do the heavy lifting for you and have a little fun by breaking down which hardwood flooring type best aligns with each Enneagram type.

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Type 1: The Reformer

Type 1’s are also called the Rational, Idealistic Type. They have strong principles, are conscientious, discerning, and wise. They have clear distinctions between right and wrong and are always pushing for change and improvement. Their high standards make them perfectionists, but they can be overly critical and impatient.

Straight Hardwood flooring aligns seamlessly with Type 1 personality traits, making it the ideal choice for this discerning and meticulous type. The classic, clean, and simple aesthetics of straight hardwood mirror the structured and methodical approach that Type 1 individuals bring to every aspect of their lives. Much like the deliberate choices made by Type 1s, straight hardwood offers options in flooring width and color, allowing them to tailor their flooring to match their distinct preferences and ideals. The clean lines and timeless elegance of straight hardwood reflect their desire for an uncluttered and harmonious living space. By selecting straight hardwood flooring, Type 1 individuals create a foundation that resonates with their quest for balance and perfection.

A modern interior design of a house is showcased, featuring a door, houseplant, vase, building, chair, property, laminate flooring, cabinetry, ceiling, molding, lobby, tile, room, home, design, and furniture.

Featuring our Ambassador Collection color principal, 7.5” French oak with reactive stain, light wire texture, and an ultra-matte finish. Interior Design // Vernich Interiors; Photographer // Caroline Sharpnack

Type 2: The Helper

Type 2s, or the Caring, Interpersonal Type, are empathetic, generous, and warm-hearted. Their people-pleasing, unselfishness, and sincerity makes them popular, but they can over-commit themselves to helping others and ignore their own needs.

Enneagram Type 2s, often referred to as “The Helpers,” are driven by an innate desire to care for and support others. Much like the enduring charm of antique hardwood floors, their warmth and character create an inviting space where people naturally feel nurtured and welcomed. Just as Type 2 individuals exude a sense of history and authenticity in their interactions, antique hardwood floors embody a timeless elegance that resonates with their selfless and nurturing nature. The distinct patina and unique imperfections tell a story, symbolizing the genuine and enduring connections that Type 2s effortlessly cultivate. Choosing antique hardwood floors aligns perfectly with their mission to create a home environment that embraces and comforts, offering a space where everyone feels valued and cherished.

The room contains a table and chairs.

Southall Farm & Inn featuring a rich Antique Reclaimed Oak with an original face and a water-based finish. Photographer // Caroline Sharpnack

Type 3: The Achiever

Enneagram Type 3, often referred to as “The Achiever,” is driven by ambition, success, and a desire to make a lasting impression. Type 3s are charming, competitive, and care about status. They are competent, diplomatic and excel in whatever they choose to focus on. They tend to overwork themselves and struggle with being overly ambitious and care too much about what others think of them.

The Versailles hardwood floor pattern is the perfect match for their dynamic and style-conscious personality. With its rich history and opulent aesthetic, the Versailles pattern exudes a sense of timeless luxury and elegance that resonates with the aspirations of Type 3 individuals. Similar to how Type 3s strive to stand out and make a mark in their endeavors, the intricate and elaborate design of the Versailles pattern demands attention and admiration. Its artful arrangement and attention to detail reflect the high standards and dedication that “The Achievers” bring to everything they undertake. By choosing the Versailles hardwood floor pattern, Type 3 individuals create a space that embodies their drive for success and their appreciation for the finer things in life – a true reflection of the achiever spirit.

A house is being remodeled with tile, hardwood, wood, laminate, and plywood flooring, and a varnished door.

Versailles Pattern Trimmed with Brass. Interior Design // JFY Designs, Builder // Grove Park Construction

Type 4: The Individualist

The Sensitive, Withdrawn Type, Type 4s. They are expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and creative. Type 4s tend to be reserved, withholding themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable, which can lead to them being disdainful towards ordinary life. Their introspection can get carried away and lead to self-pity and a sorrowful mood; however, they are inspired and highly creative which enables them to renew themselves and transform their experiences.

“The Individualist,” thrives on self-expression and creativity, therefore a custom parquet floor pattern perfectly resonates with their unique nature. Just as Type 4 individuals embrace their distinctiveness, the custom parquet design provides a canvas for artistic interpretation, enabling them to craft a flooring masterpiece that reflects their individuality. The intricate arrangement of the custom parquet pattern echoes Type 4s’ emotional depth. Like their inner exploration, the pattern’s blend of shapes and textures invites reflection, creating a space that aligns with their need for authenticity. Choosing a custom parquet floor pattern allows Type 4 individuals to infuse their home with artistic flair, capturing their rich inner landscape and celebrating their individualist spirit through a captivating and unique design.

A modern home interior is showcased with cabinetry, a marble countertop, a sink, tiled flooring, molding, and a ceiling design.

Featuring our custom made, concentric square parquet, French Oak floors in color Taos. Designer // Richard Anuszkiewicz – Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath; Photographer // Caroline Sharpnack

Type 5: The Investigator

Type 5 is also known as the Intense, Cerebral type. Type 5s are innovative, curious, and independent. They are insightful but can be secretive and isolated. They develop intricate ideas but can become preoccupied with their thoughts. Fives can be eccentric and see the world in a different way. Their ideas are often ahead of their time.

Enneagram Type 5, known as “The Investigator,” is characterized by their analytical and inquisitive nature. Pairing them with a brass inlay in the flooring is an ideal match for their intellectual and detail-oriented approach. Just as Type 5 individuals seek to understand the intricacies of the world around them, the brass inlay adds a layer of sophistication and precision to the flooring design. The brass inlay, with its meticulous lines and careful craftsmanship, reflects the methodical and focused mindset of Type 5s. Similar to their dedication to acquiring knowledge, the inlay’s intricate patterns convey a sense of depth and exploration, inviting contemplation and examination. Opting for a brass inlay in the flooring enables Type 5 individuals to infuse their living space with a unique blend of intellect and elegance.

The wood floor creates a warm atmosphere in the room.

Textures Brass Inlay and flooring featured in the Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Showroom

Type 6: The Loyalist

Type 6, or the Committed, Security-Oriented Type, are devoted, reliable, and responsible. They are engaging and good at fostering cooperation. 6s are hard-working and good at foreseeing problems. They champion others and are very trustworthy, yet they struggle with self-doubt and letting stress consume them.

Enneagram Type 6, often referred to as “The Loyalist,” is defined by their cautious and responsible nature. Pairing them with a herringbone floor pattern is a seamless fit for their practical and dependable approach. Just as Type 6 individuals value stability and order, the herringbone pattern offers a timeless and structured design that resonates with their need for reassurance. Similar to their commitment to planning and preparedness, the pattern’s interlocking design evokes a sense of security and reliability. Selecting a herringbone floor pattern allows Type 6 individuals to create a home environment that embodies their cautious yet steadfast nature. The pattern’s balanced symmetry and classic elegance align with their desire for stability, resulting in a space that mirrors their loyalist spirit and commitment to practicality.

The white cabinets in the kitchen gleam.

Featuring Rift and Quartered select grade Northern Appalachian White Oak in a custom scaled Herringbone parquet. Interior Design // Lilly Taylor Interiors; Photographer // Caroline Sharpnack

Type 7: The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast, or the Busy, Variety-Seeking Type, is versatile and spontaneous. Playful, high-spirited, and practical, they can also misapply their many talents, becoming over-extended, scattered, and undisciplined. Their spontaneity leads them to new and fun experiences, but it can make them exhausted. Type 7s are optimistic and extroverted and although they can be impatient, they are appreciative and happy.

Pairing Enneagram Type 7s with varying widths hardwood flooring is a perfect match for their vibrant and diverse approach to life. Just as Type 7 individuals embrace a multitude of experiences, the varying widths offer a dynamic and eclectic flooring design that resonates with their desire for excitement. The varying widths hardwood flooring, with its mix of sizes and patterns, reflects the versatile and ever-curious mindset of Type 7s. Similar to their enthusiasm for exploration, the flooring’s array of widths creates a visually captivating and engaging environment. Opting for varying widths hardwood flooring enables Type 7 individuals to infuse their space with a sense of boundless energy and spontaneity. The diverse widths and textures in the hardwood cater to their ever-evolving tastes and passions, resulting in an environment that mirrors their enthusiast spirit and zest for life.

The chandelier illuminates the hallway.

Antique Oak with Varying board widths up to 11″ wide, and custom color developed by the interior design team.⁠⁠ Interior Design // Modern Remains; ⁠Builder: Montgomery Classic; Photographer // Caroline Sharpnack

Type 8: The Challenger

Type 8, or the Powerful, Dominating Type is self-confident, willful, and decisive. Their intense demeanor can lead to confrontation and others may find it intimidating. 8s like to control their environment which can make it hard for them to be vulnerable. They are protective, assertive, and strong, which can inspire and improve others’ lives.

“The Challenger,” is labeled by their strong-willed and assertive nature. Pairing them with an end-grain floor is an ideal solution for their bold and commanding approach to life. Just as Type 8 individuals embrace leadership and decisiveness, the end-grain pattern offers a distinctive and robust flooring design that resonates with their unwavering determination. The end-grain floor has a robust appearance, reflecting the provenance of the wood, aligning with the powerful and authoritative mindset of Type 8s. Similar to their strong presence and leadership qualities, the flooring’s bold pattern creates a sense of strength and resilience. Opting for an end-grain floor allows Type 8 individuals to create a home environment that embodies their assertive and commanding nature. The pattern’s durability and distinctive character align with their need for solidity and impact, resulting in a space that mirrors their challenger spirit and resolute demeanor.

The kitchen features white cabinets.

Reclaimed White Oak End Grain Block integrated with custom forged brass inlay. Interior Design // JFY Designs – Marie Joe Bouffard; Photographer // Reed Brown Photo

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Type nines are also called the Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type. 9s are calm, reassuring, and supportive. Their agreeable nature can occasionally make them too willing to go along with others just to keep the peace. 9s are trusting and receptive and smooth over conflicts effectively. They bring people together and are all-embracing.

Pairing “Peacemakers” with a chevron floor pattern impeccably embodies their serene approach to life. Just as Type 9 individuals value tranquility and unity, the chevron pattern offers a calming and elegant flooring design that resonates with their desire for peace. The chevron floor pattern, with its graceful symmetry and flowing lines, reflects the calm and harmonious mindset of Type 9s. Similar to their ability to find common ground and bring people together, the pattern’s interlocking design creates a sense of unity and balance.

Opting for a chevron floor pattern allows Type 9s to create a space that symbolizes their tranquil and inclusive nature. The pattern’s soothing aesthetics and graceful arrangement support their need for a harmonious space, resulting in a setting that mirrors their peacemaker spirit and gentle demeanor.

A modern lobby with a window, ceiling fixtures, furniture, and daylighting illuminates the room with a coffee table, chairs, and a door leading to the interior of the building.

7” width European White Oak, cerused with a light wire brush, in color ‘On Rocky Top.’ Interior Designer // CG Studios; Photographer // Carli Grommet

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