Welcome to Textures Nashville- Nashville Design Collective location Opening Soon

We are thrilled to share that our new, flagship location, is opening soon at the Nashville Design Collective. Located at 510 Merritt Avenue, in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, the Collective hosts some of the best and brightest names in luxury interior design.

The room contains a chair, a table, and a vase with flowers.
Welcome to our new showroom in the Nashville Design Collective!

Featuring over 800 curated hardwood flooring and custom carpet samples, our new showroom is focused on displaying the finest design inspired flooring materials in the world. Exclusively designed and handcrafted hardwood flooring panels are displayed to allow our clients easy viewing of different milling techniques, wood species, colors and finishes. With an unparalleled selection of colors, textures and styles available, our clients enjoy something different.

“We felt Nashville deserved to have the most creative and high style materials available” Andrew Denny, Owner, shares. “We envisioned a showroom that would allow our clients to see their selections in a luxury setting, thus allowing them a picture of how these materials would be experienced in their dream home.”

A patterned textile book lies open on a vibrant fabric.
Our curated collection of the finest wool carpet available. Striking patterns, colors and textures.

The Nashville Design Collective is home to the areas top interior design showrooms. Circa Lighting is the anchor of the collective and they showcase their beautiful lighting options in a 6000 square foot gallery. Design Galleria, Kolo Collection, Christoper Peacock, Francois & Company and Waterworks are some of the other showrooms under construction. The remaining Collective showrooms should be open in early Summer.

A cozy lobby with a studio couch, chair, coffee table, houseplant, flowerpot, and vase is illuminated by a ceiling fixture, creating a warm and inviting interior design.
Our open and neutral luxury environment provides our clients an excellent space to collaborate

Our showroom features six workstations that allow for multiple clients, interior designers and builders to explore simultaneously. A reception area featuring a Textures digital portfolio helps guests imagine how custom flooring materials influence different design styles. “Our clients visualizing how certain flooring materials enhance overall design schemes is so important” says Denny. Often times, clients are not sure what “style” they fall into and having the right resources to help educate is a priority.

A picture frame filled with art hangs on the wall of a cozy indoor room.
Couture & Construction- The Stories and People behind beautiful spaces…And we host a weekly Podcast featuring the industries experts…

One of the most unique features of the new showroom is the Podcast Studio located in the center of the space.Couture & Construction- The stories and people behind beautiful spaces” is a weekly podcast that is hosted in the Textures Nashville showroom. This show creates a “peer to peer” community and is also a resource to those who are in the midst of beginning a luxury construction or design project.

A candle illuminates the intricate interior design of a church's flooring.
Our workstations featuring end grain reclaimed White Oak and full length planks of our custom created flooring.

We look forward to your visit and we promise you that a visit to the Nashville Design Collective will inspire you and entice your sense of imagination with regards to interior design.

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