Timeless Hardwood Flooring in Nashville – 2020

Hardwood flooring is one of the forever components of a home. The living planks bring the beauty of nature indoors and help tell the story behind the room’s design. The heritage and provenance of wood planks share an amazing story-one that our clients want to share for a lifetime. We feel the responsibility to help our clients choose timeless hardwood flooring that will feel current and on-trend, but not time-stamped.

Timeless hardwood floor color
Neotraditional-Modern design consists of wide plank, long length floor boards with matte finish and great classic color. This floor will stay in style.

Trends come and go but there is a way to have your hardwood stay timeless and not trendy. Keeping the colors classical and integrating contemporary styling is one way we help our clients select the perfect wide plank floor. We love the modern, on-trend vibe that long planks and wide boards provide. European Oak and Live Sawn Northern Appalachian White Oak are inherently character grade and highlight nature’s perfect imperfections.

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Classic and Subtle − Grey tones are neutral and can mute some of the warmer tones of the wood.

How to select a timeless color for your hardwoods

Finding the perfect timeless color for your hardwood flooring can be key to ensuring your new floors look as good ten years from now as they do today. When considering color, first think in terms of what will enhance the natural beauty of the wood. You can fine-tune the detail of your color once the base color tone is selected. As an example, a grey overlay still allows some of the wood’s natural tones to be highlighted, giving us a sleek, modern look.

custom made timeless brown color hardwood flooring by Textures Nashville
Modern design vibe − grounded perfectly by our Perfect Brown 11″ Wide Hickory Floor boards. This beautiful floor was custom-made in the color “Perfect Brown.”

Color is just one of the attributes that affect the overall appearance and timelessness of the hardwood. The type of finish, sheen level, species of tree, cut & milling, and staining process all play into the presence of the wood.

Custom made timeless hardwood floor color by Textures Nashville
A touch of grey, a touch of brown, and a little texture make a timeless, in trend design.

Wood flooring enhances and defines the space in which it is placed. When in doubt, less sheen is more.

Timeless hardwood floor color with satin finish by textures nashville
Timeless flooring − wide plank, long board, classic coloring, and satin finish.

Wood is a miraculous, beautiful gift from nature. It is durable and versatile − and if carefully selected, it will provide timeless elegance to your home.

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