NWFA 2020 Manufacturer Hardwood Floor of the Year- Nashville’s Textures Flooring Recognized

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Custom Made and Beautiful- this 3″x24″ Northern Appalachian White Oak set the home off with a distinctive and timeless vibe…

No one is denying that 2020 has been a crazy year so far, filled with bad news galore. Which is why whenever good news happens these days, it’s even more cause to celebrate than normal! Back in the beginning of May we were contacted by the National Wood Flooring Association to inform us that Peachey Hardwood & Textures Nashville would be winning the Manufacturers Spotlight at the 2020 NWFA Awards. Naturally, we were so honored & ecstatic!

21 Textures College Grove Parade of Homes 1
What and ENTRY!! Arches, Parquet and timeless European Architecture set this home off

The home was built by the Brentwood, TN based Luxury Home builder, Legend Homes, and was part of the Nashville Parade of Homes!

04 Textures College Grove Parade of Homes 1
The open floor plan and details imagined by the design team created a very livable and fresh feel.

The wood flooring was custom designed for the home by the interior design team, led by Marie-Joe Bouffard, Principal at JFY Interiors. The flooring inspiration was based on the classic European architecture of the home. Once the design team shared their desires, Textures was able to design the perfect fit. Working with our partners at Peachey Hardwood Flooring in Pennsylvania, we created the perfect style and color for this luxury application. Using all Northern Appalachian White Oaks, featuring herringbone parquet and 5″ wide long board character material, both donned in creamy gray tones & a custom stain. The color & formatting of the hardwood both contributed to pulling the whole room together & was described by the NWFA as having a “welcoming and relaxing vibe!”

20 Textures College Grove Parade of Homes 1
Texture, dimension, scale and detail…a winning combo

We are so proud to have been recognized as the BEST!! What a wonderful feeling and great accomplishment for our team. Like they say, it takes a village so a special thanks to the great folks at Legend Homes and JFY Designs.

A boutique hotel bedroom is decorated with furniture, bedding, linens, window treatments, and throw pillows, creating a cozy and inviting interior design.

The Owners Retreat, featuring our bespoke 5″ Long board Northern Appalachian White Oak

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