Nashville TN-Popular Stair Runner Trends of 2020

One house accent that never goes out of style will always be a custom fabricated stair runner. Not only beautiful and impactful to the interior design, but adds “quietness” to the home and improves safety. Stair runners do vary each year in what styles are popular, so we thought it would be fun to break down the popular styles that we have installed over the past several months.

The staircase stands in the house.
TEXTURE- sometimes just adding the dimension that TEXTURE allows is enough…Love this 100% Wool, Abrash style, featured in a earthy, feathered grey.

Week in and week out, we install stair runners throughout the Middle Tennessee area. What we have been noticing this year is that both monochromatic & color combinations of whites, grays, blues & browns have been en vogue. This pertains significantly to the fact that most tones of these colors will be timeless & neutral, but provide a design detail that does not overpower the space.

20 Textures College Grove Parade of Homes 1
Texture, dimension, scale and detail…a winning combo

Most homes today feature a serene color palette, with wall colors like Sherwin Williams Snowbound or Agreeable Grey.

As you see in the pictures above we have 3 of the most stylish stair runner installs that we had the pleasure of installing this year. Although they are all different in their patterns, the aesthetic of each are much more similar than you would expect! First we have a lovely monochromatic natural wool bordered with a monochromatic linen wide binding. We love this classic look and contrast with the hardwood. Such a perfect fit for this beautifully designed DAAD Alabama Lake home.

IMG 6245
Subtle and LUX– anything timeless is always a good decision.

Next we have one of the more unique fan favorite runner installs that we’ve ever done. We have a gorgeous geometric pattern that we have found quite popular recently, that combines a subtle navy blue & light gray color combination. This match up of colors looks unbeatable together & helps accent the light natural look of the floors below!

IMG 5908 1
Bold but quiet…Contrast is one of my favs…Love this classic and small scale geometric design.

Lastly we have a new age take on a very classic stripe stair runner pattern. At each 90 degree turn the pattern was rotated to keep drawing your eye down while looking from above! They chose a forever in style color combination of white & light gray that not only accent each other, but look amazing with the white walls! And let’s not forget that all of these colors do nothing but help accent the beautiful dark walnut colors of the timeless floors below.

IMG 6232
Movement! I love a stripe and I will always love the way this looks on stairs…in trend but not trendy.

These are just a few of our favorite stair runner looks that we’ve noticed in 2020 so far! Which one was your favorite?

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