How to Make Your Thanksgiving Look as Good as It Tastes

Nashville’s top Interior Designers, and guests on our Couture & Construction podcast, share their favorite Thanksgiving decor ideas to ensure this year’s celebration appeals to all of the senses.

Incorporate Nature


“Incorporate nature! Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to look to nature and what you might have readily available in your own backyard or neighborhood when it comes to creating beautiful settings and vignettes around your home. Each year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I like to harvest branches with colorful leaves, different types of dried grass, and branches laden with berries. I like to arrange these types of elements as I would a live arrangement and find myself often incorporating evergreen branches as well!”

Evan Millard, Modern Remains

Sentimental Gift


“To make the Thanksgiving table extra special for family and friends, I love to use pretty place cards and add a small, sentimental gift at each table setting. For instance, Christmas ornaments are a pretty way to celebrate the start of the holiday season by giving your guests a sweet memento to take home.”

Julie Couch, Julie Couch Interiors

Food Presentation

“I love bringing in fresh items to bring in color and texture, like seasonal flowers and large vegetables. For all the work put into a wonderful meal, don’t forget that presentation can go a long way. Plating food on simple white dishware makes it pop and stand out. Surrounding the food with other fresh items makes a strong visual for guests!”

Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, Richar Living & Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath

Appeal to All the Senses


“Appeal to all the senses: It is easy to get lost in preparing tasty holiday treats and special family recipes which appeal to our sense of taste, but it is also important to think about the other senses as well. Luxuriously soft linens, scented candles, or a special music playlist can help guests feel right at home. Don’t forget to include a natural element such as fresh flowers or greenery, fruit with cloves, leaves, gourds, garland, or clipped branches from the yard. Bringing the outdoors in can appeal to your guests’ senses as well as add authentic and natural beauty to your table.”

Debbie Mathews, Debbie Mathews Antiques & Designs
Marie Joe

An Intimate Celebration

“Since this year will likely be a smaller, more intimate celebration it is important to select table decor and holiday arrangements that are lower in height. You will want to be able to see your few guests this year so less is more with a smaller setting!”

Marie-Joe Bouffard, JFY Designs


“I love Thanksgiving décor to be very organic. On the morning of Thanksgiving Day, I head outside and wild source whatever fall foliage is available. Trees, shrubs, and grasses are beautiful at this time and can create large, beautiful centerpieces for the dinner table or small bouquets for the powder bathroom.”

Kimberly Kelly, K7 Interior Design
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