Holiday Decor and Protecting Your Floors

It’s that time of year again! Tis’ the season to get festive – grab the garland, string up the lights, and deck the tree. We’ve enlisted some of our Interior Designer friends to share their favorite holiday décor trends that are sure to get you in the spirit. As you prepare to put up the holiday decorations and send out the invites for those seasonal gatherings, don’t forget about protecting your hardwood floors, especially if your traditions include a real Christmas tree.

Nature Influenced Holiday Décor

Our Interior Designer friends all seemed to be on the same page with their favorite Holiday décor and trends for this season – it’s all about the natural elements! We love bringing the outdoors in, so a sprinkling of nature will be inspiring our Holiday decorations too. Rich evergreens and warm hues mingled with natural provisions create a refined rustic décor, no matter your style. To nail this trend, follow advice from the experts….

“This holiday season I see citrus, both preserved and fresh, popping up everywhere. It’s the perfect complement to Boxwood and Magnolia wreaths and garlands, and transitions well from Fall to Winter with ease.”

Evan Millard
Blog 2

“Being French Canadian there is something about missing the snow and pine trees, so I’m a major sucker for anything natural. Live tree, live garlands, even branches from the yard – I’ll cut low branches from my Magnolia tree or grab some holly berries. It’s a classic timeless look that can work with very modern homes and traditional homes. And you can change it every year, such as going all green – everything monochromatic feels good!”

Marie-Joe Bouffard of JFY Designs

“Given that I specialize in kitchens and baths, I love to keep a lot of seasonal produce and fresh pastries on hand to bring the space to life. Getting out into nature and pulling those natural elements into your décor. I also really love diffusers that can give off a more seasonal scent. I always like to keep in mind the power of appealing to all five senses.”

Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, Creative Director Monogram Appliances & Senior Designer at Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath

Blog 4

“I love a nude Christmas ☺, all the neutral, warm tones and glass ornaments. I love natural elements – how everything is very soft, a lot of matte finishes…the absolute antithesis to Dr. Suess’ Grinch Christmas.”

Studio 36 Design
Blog 6

How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors in the Holidays

The holidays are a season filled with joy, delicious food and quality time with friends and family. It’s also a time of year that tends to wreak havoc on your home – hosting parties, decorating with live Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands, and wintry weather – your floor is the area of the home that’s often hit the hardest. Textures’ shares some effortless steps to help you protect your hardwood floors during the holiday chaos.

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Protecting your hardwood floor from Christmas trees and why? While Christmas trees and fresh garland create that fresh smell and traditional, Christmasy feel, they also bring in water, sap, and pine needles. We recommend first and foremost having a good tree skirt that can catch most of the pine needles. Interior Designer Marie Joe Bouffard loves to wrap up soft sheepskin, faux fur blankets or pelts under the tree for a more organic, luxe, natural design look. Keep your tree watered and it will retain the pine needles longer, but if you happen to spill the water sop it up quickly. No wood product likes excess moisture and that includes your hardwood floors. Vacuum consistently to keep the floor clear of needles.

Scuffs, snow, spills…oh my!
With more guests than usual parading through your home, ensure you have walk off mats inside and outside the entrances of your home. Get festive with holiday doormats! However, avoid rubber backed doormats – if water gets trapped accidentally underneath it can ruin your hardwood floors. If you have pets, keep wipes by the door entrances to wipe the rain, snow, mud off their paws before they track in salt and dirt.

Keeping debris off the floor is the most important thing; an early Christmas gift idea is the Roomba to keep your floors sparkling all through the holiday season! Or consider decorative rugs – they not only keep the debris off the hardwood floors but also warm up a space and are an added design element for your home.

When you and your guests are Rockin’ around the Christmas tree at your holiday party, spills are bound to happen but reaction time counts! Keep a roll of paper towels, microfiber cloths, and a spray-on hardwood floor cleaner nearby to handle any holiday drink spills quickly (Bona is the cleaning brand we often recommend but cleaners aren’t one size fits all so be sure to speak to your flooring designer). Finally, we recommend using a spray on – swiffer off approach to cleaning your hardwood floors during the Holiday season and throughout the year.

Happy Holidays from the Textures Nashville team!

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